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OCS: Eden Chace x Noah Quinn | KnB: Kise x Kuroko quq

Kyunyo's Old Art Archive

Just About Commissions [OPEN]
Commission Information: 
Status: OPEN 
1. filled
2. empty

I will only do 2 slots at a time, however if the slots are full, you can still email/ note me and I will put you on the wait list. I will reply and confirm your commission when a slot is empty. Please be patient!
I will only accept order forms through DA notes or if it is directed to my email:
What I will draw: 
I can draw:
BL/GL/Het, original characters, fanart, ecchi, soft yaoi/yuri, humans with animalistic features/ gijinkas
Animals as bg accessories are okay unless I refuse. 
nsfw are okay, but I reserve the right to refuse. 
I will not draw for you:  
furries, mechas, landscapes, grotesque or dark themes

Bits of information:
I reserve the right to decline your commission. 
A free artist is a happy artist. But please b
Kyunyo's Book ListingBooks:
They are sold through the company that publishes for me. If you wish for an autograph, feel free to note me and we'll see what we can do. 
Detective Conan:
01 Pocket Me | KidCon&KaiShin| Comedy/Romance | B5 | 60 PGS | R15 | 12 USD.

Buy Here.
02 Emperor's Seal | KidCon | Romance/Drama AU| B5 | 32 PGS | PG13 | 12 USD.

Buy here. 
03 Miscomm. | KaiCon | Comedy/Romance | B5 | 24 PGS | PG13 | 12 USD

Buy here. 

"Major improvement does not come through repetition. Only experimentation with repetition brings major improvement." -- the code I live by for drawing. o3ob

Current Philosophy of Art (as of 122111):
Do what you want to do, and don't care about what people say.

I'm still improving and still have a long way to go~~ 8D!


Hello! Just a quick update that I will be selling buttons online here;

Prints will come soon when I figure out how to mail them ^^;;;

This would be my first time using storenvy so I hope I’m doing things okay. I put the button orders as as pre-orders because I’m currently out of button supplies to make anything right now, so orders will be fulfilled possible within the next two weeks. 


There is a special! For every 4 buttons you purchase, you can have 1 free. You should specify this in the “notes” at check out. 

Okay yeah, I think that’s it luls. ^q^;;; 

>>>>>>>>>>>>OLD JOURNAL. 

Hello guys! Long time no journal haha. 
Anyways just making a quickie announcement that I'll be tabling at Kawaii Kon again! 

Tables 36 and 37, together with DoujinPress~ 

I'll have a small portion of the table that I will sell my own things, but please do take a look at DP's and the wonderful array of books you can buy~

Here is the map and here's where I am:…

And I have no idea what the pricing will be for the prints lols. ^q^;;; 

I'll update once I get advice luls.;

Some new stuff that will be sold this year: 

12 x 18 print 
Kuroko No Basket Print by kyunyo 

8 x 12 (roughly around that size) 
resolution by kyunyo
Super Pass by kyunyo
Kise by kyunyo

retro colors by kyunyo
(wow look at all that basuke...) 

2.50 USD each, 10USD for 5

KNB 2014 Buttons by kyunyo Free and DRRR 2014 Buttons by kyunyo KHR Reborn 2014 by kyunyo ONE PUNCH MAN 2014 Buttons by kyunyoPokemon 2014 Buttons by kyunyoAPH 2014 by kyunyoDeath Note 2014 Buttons by kyunyo OHSHC 2014 buttons by kyunyo

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MeltingChoco Apr 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Just letting you know that I think your gallery is amazing and I can't stop looking at it-- > v <
(1 Reply)
hi whuts up~ i'm that one girl that you talked to one time whom was very annoying at the student center
(1 Reply)
kazune771 Mar 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
seriously, you have to marry me <3 <3
(1 Reply)
!!! kyun its been like forever!! i was going through my old art today and suddenly i remembered you and i thought i'd drop by to say hey and see if you were still around/// your work is still all bright and happy as i remembered heh, hope you've been doing well ^ppp^ its rainy i hope u remember me pfftfrom like kupikaif u remember thatanyway bye
(1 Reply)
YKajitaka Mar 26, 2014  Student Interface Designer
Because I didn't tell you how very much I loved "Define" and would love a sequel, this is me doing that.  Yeah.  *w*

Bought that sucker on preorder and it was absolutely worth it hellyeah!  :la:
(1 Reply)
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